The Arabian Nights Experience


Arabian Nights draws its inspiration from the enchanting tapestry of Middle Eastern folk tales famously known as “1001 Nights” or “Arabian Nights,” as well as the sensuous cinematic masterpiece by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In our promotional video, we paid homage to an iconic scene from Pasolini’s film, deftly weaving in subtle nods to the theme of female empowerment that resonated with the times, while showing the marvelous loft of our client, VenuesNYC.

The underlying narrative, which gives rise to the title “1001 Nights,” unfolds as follows:

Shahryar, a powerful ruler presiding over the realms of India and China, discovers his wife’s betrayal and orders her execution. Consumed by grief and rage, he condemns all women, convinced of their collective guilt. Shahryar proceeds to marry and subsequently execute a succession of virgins, each meeting their fate on the morning after their nuptials. However, when Scheherazade becomes his new bride, she skillfully entraps Shahryar in a mesmerizing tale on the night of their union. Yet, deliberately leaving the narrative unfinished, she leaves the king yearning for its conclusion. This cunning strategy earns her a reprieve from execution. The following night, Scheherazade concludes her tale, only to embark on a fresh narrative, deftly postponing her own demise. This captivating cycle endures for an astounding 1,001 nights…

“Truth Lies Not in One Dream, But in Many”

One of the stories from the collection of tales is The Tale of the Hunchback. We shot a short film with a super 8 analog camera and displayed it at the event (see below).

Part of the proceeds from the event went DIRECTLY to a Syrian Refugee Camp in Southern Turkey, where our actor Mauro Bossi volunteers to help feed and house them.

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The Tale of the Hunchback (adapted from Arabian Nights)