THE Cube of Nada Show

CLIENTS: Gem & Bolt, Ambrosio Jewelry

Introducing Cube of Nada— an innovative take on electronic music events that defies conventional rhetoric.

Diverging from the norm, Cube of Nada embraces the essence of ‘nada,’ a concept that transcends mere sound. At its core, it is a 6-ft hollow structure, harmoniously paired with an equally expansive plexiglass cube. Within this transparent space, the acclaimed artist Noemi Manser employs her distinctive “connecting brains” technique. With remarkable dexterity, she simultaneously sketches portraits, seamlessly intertwining the essence of multiple individuals. The result is an awe-inspiring fusion of artistry and electronic beats, creating an experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Cube of Nada invites you to embark on a journey that redefines the very essence of electronic music events as Kiani del Valle, a contemporary ballet dancer from Berlin performs inside the Cube of Nada.

Following this display, artist Alex Osborne steps into the spotlight, infusing life into the ethereal ‘space in between’—a realm that, on the most fundamental molecular level, defies conventional understanding by its very non-existence. With his masterful strokes, Osborne breathes vibrant hues into this intangible yet profound space, blurring the boundaries that separate artist from spectator. The result is a visual marvel, an artistic testament to the limitless potential that lies within our perceptual reality. The collaboration between Manser and Osborne within the Cube of Nada transcends the conventional, inviting you to explore the boundaries of perception and creativity.

Meanwhile, the roof is open for an opening concert by Julietta & a DJ set by Anna Leevia of Berlin.

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