The PART Start: 2011

PART was started in New York in September 2011 as a portmanteau of two words: Party & Art.

We intended to bring people together in an innovative way through various forms of art, music, and dance that would have themed concepts. From the start, we had combined internationally renowned musical talent, visual graphic artists and contemporary dance performers.

See our first videos & photos below with our custom visual animations, contemporary ballet performance, photobooths, etc. Early on we would have dogs & babies attend too, as well as some globally known artists (Maurizio Cattelan) who would just hang out incognito-style… Then we brought Simon Baker on his “Full Body Workout” tour and got the karate visuals so somehow jump out toward the mixer, hosted Guti’s first-ever gig in New York after his electronic-music-pivot (he used to be a huge jazz pianist in Argentina).

We hosted (and became friends with) the German trio Brandt Brauer Frick, and the French band Nach early in their impressive careers. Matthew Dear was our first door neighbor, so while he was walking his dog one day, we asked him to DJ our New Years part-y. To our surprise, he agreed. To our bigger surprise, FACT Mag voted us top 20 New Years Eve parties… worldwide!

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PART Launch @ Union Square Studios, September 24th, 2011.

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PART with Brandt Brauer & Frick!

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PART New Years Eve 2011-2012 with Matthew Dear, voted Top 20 Events Worldwide by FACT Mag!
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PART with Guti for his first-ever NYC gig in 2012!

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