Once Upon a Time in PAN AM

We meticulously crafted the entire PAN AM flight experience, leaving no detail untouched.

As soon as you were notified of the event, you were greeted by the “Once Upon a Time in PAN AM” Video setting the tone for an authentic journey back in time. The atmosphere was alive with the presence of our charming and attentive flight attendants, who extended an invitation to partake in a unique movie set experience, complete with professional actors.

Shortly before take off, you were given our PAN AM Safety Video to prepare (and get excited) for your flight. For those seeking an even more personalized touch, our one-on-one in-flight service was a highlight. Our expertly trained flight crew ensured that your tray tables were elegantly set, ready to indulge in the finest caviar and champagne.

As the music swelled, you braced yourself for a moment of exhilarating turbulence, adding an unexpected thrill to the experience. It was a seamless blend of nostalgia, luxury, and adventure, culminating in a journey that left an indelible mark on all who embarked on this PAN AM voyage.

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PART-PANAM Safety Video

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Once Upon a Time in PANAM…
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