The “Square, Circle, Triangle” Experience

CLIENT: Circle Cline Cruises

You surely thought that certain colors correspond to certain emotions, but have you ever thought that colors correspond to shapes?!

Renowned artist Wassily Kandinsky held a profound belief that particular shapes and colors conveyed distinct ideas or emotions, each color having an objective association with a shape.

In 1923, Kandinsky distributed a questionnaire at the Bauhaus, inviting participants to fill in a triangle, square, and circle using the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. His aim was to unveil a universal correlation between form and color, wherein:

SQUARE equated to red, CIRCLE to blue, and TRIANGLE to yellow.

A significant majority of respondents concurred with his insightful perspective.

In accordance with Kandinsky’s theory, we crafted sizable representations of a Square, a Circle, and a Triangle, each adorned with the designated colors. These striking installations adorned our evening boat cruise as it gracefully navigated the waters around New York City.

Immersed within plexiglass enclosures, our artists engaged in an interactive exploration of Kandinsky’s concepts. Within these ‘fish tanks’ of creativity, they skillfully reimagined the theory that links form and color, breathing new life into his visionary ideas.

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