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PARTNYC: Artful Fusion of Festivity and Aesthetics

Redefined for the Digital Age

In the heart of New York City in 2009, an era before Instagram’s visual storytelling, a visionary concept took root – to redefine gatherings as immersive, aesthetic marvels. This marked the inception of PART, a venture founded on the belief that celebrations should be elevated to an art form, adorned with installations, performances, themes, and concepts. Simultaneously, the mission was to liberate art from its staid institutional confines, bringing it closer to the people.

The core ethos was encapsulated in the name itself: PART, an amalgamation of ‘Party’ and ‘Art’, reflecting the dual purpose that lay at its foundation. The aim was clear – to seamlessly blend the vivacity of celebration with the depth and beauty of art, creating an experience that transcended the ordinary.

As time flowed and the digital age unfurled, PART’s canvas expanded. It was no longer confined to physical spaces; the realm of digital art (videos in particular) became an integral part of its narrative. Today, PART continues its journey, fusing digital creativity with experiential events, a testament to its founding vision – a festivity of art and an art of festivity, in perfect harmony with the digital world. From Experiential Events to Award-Winning Video Content, our canvas knows no bounds.

With a gifted ensemble, including visionary founder Nash, multimedia maestro Filip, theater expert Mauro, cinematic talents Teo, Segovia, and Rene, and decor virtuoso McKenzie, every creation is a masterpiece in the making. Film festivals applaud our creations, but it’s the satisfaction of clients & attendees that fuels our passion.

Pleasure to Meet You Digitally.

Play Your Part!

Nash Petrovic

Creative Director

Filip Radonjik

Art Director

Alvise Magaton

Lead Engineer

Teo Marinakis

Film Director

Alejandro Segovia


Mauro Bossi


Mackenzie Spindler



Lead Stylist

Lilli Giaccone

Marketing Strategy

Rene Auguste


Maria Nadali


Adriano Ieva

Business Partner

PARTNYC 4-step method

P lan

We meticulously plan every aspect of your event and content strategy, ensuring a seamless fusion of live experiences and digital content creation.

A mplify

Next, we amplify the excitement and anticipation through captivating digital content, building a strong connection with your audience before the event even begins.

R ealize

On the day of the event, we bring our combined visions to life with impeccable execution, creating an unforgettable experience that surpasses expectations.


Finally, we transcend traditional boundaries by leveraging the power of both live events and digital content, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and brand perception.